Munir Ahmed being felicitated by the Pakistan Association of Urological Surgeons (PAUS)
Mr Munir Ahmed being felicitated as the invited speaker on Prostate Cancer by the Pakistan Association of Urological Surgeons (PAUS), in April 2011

  • ‘Thank you so much for saving my life, and for your encouragement and perfect care. I was aware of some of the obstacles you faced to make sure I was taken to surgery ASAP! As I said, you really stood out as a doctor not just doing his job, but someone who really did care. I felt like a human being, not just a patient! Thank you.’…T
  • ‘Thank you for your very caring, thoughtful and expert management of my prostate problem, from which I am making an unexpectedly rapid recovery and I am most grateful to you for your sincere concern for my welfare.’…A
  • ‘Thank you for being such a wonderful person.’…D
  • ‘Your ears must burn a lot as we tell everyone how well David has been treated, thanks to you.’…P
  • ‘I feel 100% well, thanks to you!! I am forever grateful.’…Z
  • ‘May I take this opportunity of thanking you once again for your kindness and dedication in treating over the past eighteen months’…G
  • ‘From the initial diagnosis in June to clearance in 3 months was beyond my wildest hope and I am very lucky to have been in excellent hands at each stage. Thank you’..D
  • ‘Please also pass on my profound gratitude to Mr Ahmed; My operation remains a success and I am following the advice he provided’…M